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Use this free PNG to Excel converter to convert your PNG to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using OCR. This tool enables you to generate an xlsx file filled with data extracted from your PNG image.

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You can convert 10 png images to text at once.
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capture image by camera Capture Image upload image by dropbox Dropbox

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Convert PNG to Excel online

Use the 'PNG to Excel Converter' to export a table of data from a PNG image to an Excel spreadsheet. This free service uses powerful OCR technology to recognize the table structure and extract text from the cells in the PNG image, providing you with an editable Excel spreadsheet that you can adjust as needed.

How to convert PNG to Excel online

Here are the steps to convert a PNG to Excel using the tool:

  • Click the "Upload up to 10 images" button to upload multiple images. You can also crop images using our crop tool.
  • Alternatively, select an image from Dropbox by clicking the Dropbox icon, or capture an image by clicking the camera icon.
  • You can also paste images from your clipboard into the input section, or simply drag and drop images or folder into the input area.
  • After uploading the image, click the "Convert to Excel" button to generate spreadsheet from the uploaded images.
  • Once complete, you'll receive the Excel sheet. Download it as a .xlsx file or save.If you need to convert images to English or other languages, you can select a language from the list at the bottom.

Why Choose ifimageediting PNG to EXCEL Converter?

Quick Conversion

Our Convert PNG to Excel online ensures rapid conversion from PNG images to editable Excel files. Simply drag and drop PNG files to get instant results.

Safe & Secure Conversion

We ensure your files are secure and safe. There is no manual checking, and all files are permanently deleted after processing.

Compatible with all Platforms

This Convert PNG to Excel online tool allows you to convert your PNG files to EXCEL format online, supporting conversions from any operating system (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

100% Free

With this Image To Excel Free Converter, you can convert PNG to Excel for free, without requiring any additional registration or payment for the conversion process.

Accurate Results

This Image To Excel Free Converter integrates advanced OCR technology to convert your PNG files to EXCEL, ensuring precise conversion of PNG to Excel.

Batch Conversion

Supporting batch conversion, this online tool enables you to convert multiple PNG images into Excel files simultaneously, saving you time and effort compared to converting files individually.

Our online image to text converter utilizes advanced OCR features to recognize table structures and extract text from cells embedded in PNG files.

Why convert png into excel?

Converting PNG images into Excel format is useful when users have images containing tabular information or when they want to digitize manual data into editable Excel spreadsheets for easy sharing, editing, or analysis. This conversion enables users to perform multiple calculations and analyze data conveniently within converted MS Excel spreadsheets based on their needs.If you want to get text from png image use our png to text convertor tool.


How to convert PNG to Excel for free?

Simply use our PNG to Excel Converter for Convert png to editable excel instant output of Excel files with just one click.

How many PNG files can I convert to Excel format simultaneously?

You can Convert Image to Excel up to 10 PNG files at a time.

How can I obtain the result in Excel format?

Once the PNG to Excel conversion is complete, you will receive a download link. You can choose to download the result immediately or have the Excel file sent to your email for later access.

Can you assure the security of my files? Is everything kept secure?

At, we prioritize security and the protection of user data. Rest assured that your files are stored on secure servers and safeguarded against unauthorized access. Once processed, your files are promptly deleted for added security.

What is the maximum allowed file size for PNG files?

The size limit for each PNG file must not exceed 10 MB.

How long will my files remain stored on your servers?

All files are stored on ifimageediting's secure servers, and once the Convert Image to Excel tool OCR process is complete, your files are promptly deleted.

Is it possible to convert text from a PNG image to Excel?

Yes, it is possible. Start using our PNG to XLSX converter, for convert your image to Excel which extracts text from PNG images and saves it into an editable MS Excel file.

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