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Image Compressor is the best site for users who are interested in a straightforward and efficient tool that will help them to compress their images without compromising on quality.

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Why do we use an image compressor?

This tool is an image compressor it minimizes the size of the image regardless of its format. It excludes the trivial details from the uploaded file and reduces the loss of quality. SEO tools help to overcome the storage problems on computers and mobile phones. It enables the high performance in their working. Similarly, smaller images tend to be in the identical position on all types of gadgets instead of disturbing their layout on all screen sizes.

Likewise, the compressed images are easy and faster to share because smaller size images improve website performance. If your website contains images of larger size, then it will take more time and bandwidth to load the site. The site would become less user friendly. According to Google policy, it would replace your website ranking with other websites that would be having compressed images.

What makes this tool preferable?

Many competitive sites are providing their SEO services online. However, there are specific reasons that compel us to choose a reliable image compressor tool on our priority basis.

  • It provides a remarkable service for free in various languages like mention on bottom
  • You can upload the image in any format. Preferably it is in PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP, or in GIF format.
  • If your file is not in the formats mentioned above, then go to the JPG converter tool. They prove themselves as a savior and convert your picture in a required format.
  • It is far better than the other available photo compressor tools because of their limitation to upload only a single image at a time. Whereas the if image editing tool permits to upload 30 images simultaneously. There is no need to refresh your page again and again to upload another image.
  • It produces lossless compression. The photo size compressor quality and resolution of the original file would be the same. We know some online image compression sites that enable the lossy compression in their output. Pic compressor precisely they destroy pixels and damage the original color of the images.
  • It generates low compression snapshots, exporting files to excellent quality while retaining its size as smaller. The term 'low compression' create confusion with the 'high compression'. The image compressor without losing quality low compression tools keep the size of an image as smaller with poor image quality. The if image editing is filling the gap between low compression and high compression, ensuring the compress jpeg, compress png with their maintained quality.

How does this tool work?

  • Upload your image by using the upload button. The site is user friendly, so the drag and drop feature also works here. If you are a general computer user, then copy and paste your file in the upload section.
  • The file that you want to compress should be in PNG, JPG, jpeg images, jpeg files , WEBP or in GIF format. Otherwise, the image will not be uploaded.
  • It allows uploading up to 100 images at a time for compress images.
  • image file size should be a maximum of 5 MB and should not exceed than it.
  • Image editing tool will compress your files in a go maintaining its quality as well.
  • Click on the compressed image, a blue-colored virtual button.
  • Compressed image will appear on the screen, shows the actual size and the resultant size of the file.
  • There is showing image size that let our users know that how much the size of the image can be reduced.
  • Our user-friendly interface is enabling several options like the download button, download all images, and try a new button. All buttons are in navy blue color.
  • You can download a single image by clicking the Download button.
  • You can download all 100 uploaded images in a zip file, by pressing Download ALL Images.
  • You can undo all images by selecting the Try New button.

Verity of security:

Our website strictly follows all the rules and regulations regarding the privacy of a user. To preserve user confidentiality and rights are our top priority. The same policy goes for all of our visual tools , including jpeg images optimized and Reverse Image Search. Our website ensures the 100% Guarantee that the user's images would be safe and would not utilize for any purpose.