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Its software for converting image text to editable format. The image-to-text tool is created using OCR technologies using machine learning which performs text identification and delivers accurate results. A variety of character styles are divided in various forms in the prototype. OCR systems typically perform a range of functions:

How does Image to text converter work?

It's not very difficult to copy text from images with no way of converting them to text in the simplest way. Just follow them.

  1. The optical character recognition starts by receiving an image file or user input.
  2. After that, the picture is pre-processed to improve its quality, eliminate noise and distortion, and optimise it for word recognition.
  3. The text is then extracted using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology on the processed picture.
  4. To detect the forms of characters and phrases in a picture, image to text software use pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms.
  5. The tool then turns the recognised letters and phrases into machine-readable text, frequently employing machine learning and natural language processing methods to increase accuracy.
  6. The final text is saved digitally as a text document or a searchable PDF file.
  7. The transformed text can then be edited, saved, or shared as desired by the user.

Free to use

Captured texts are free. It does not require any money for extracting captions from your favorite photographs. We do not require the registered user. Get your text in your hand so you can escape wherever you want.

AI-Based Text Picture to Text Extraction

The image to text conversions are based upon Artificial Intelligence, which extracts text from photos. The algorithms do not depend heavily on AI extraction.

Extract text from low-resolution images

Students take pictures of books to study. This picture is usually blurred by poor camera quality. Our text extraction program can also extract text with high precision.

Extracts images in all formats

The image to text converter tool extracts image files in this format. (.txt, .html, .pdf, .doc).

Multiple Languages Support

The images to text generator multilingual support. You are capable of extracting the text from various languages.

Free of cost

Alternatively, you may add more than one book scanned for you. Our image to text converter translates your pictures with fewer mistakes and without requiring you to pay for an ad.

Extract text via URL

A photograph is also available as a text file in a URL format unless it is uploaded via the Upload link URL box. The feature will be particularly helpful if you search the Web and come across images with text using image to text converter.

Conversion of Handwritten Notes to Text

It can be very difficult to prepare digital files for handwriting notes because this requires time and effort. Picture-text converters facilitate this task by convert handwritten notes into text. You just need to click a clear picture of your note and upload it to our PDF converter. now you can download or copy converted text.

Digitalizing Office Documents

The picture-to-text converter allows the user to convert an original document to a new digital version.

Multiple Image Formats

This online converter can support several online image formats. We will continue to add additional image format to it.

  • JPG
  • PNG images
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • WEBP
  • SVG
  • PDF

Multiple language support

Online image translator supports multi-lingual support. The free online tool converts pictures to text in over 30 languages. It supports many languages including


Supports Multiple Cloud Storage

This online image text converter offers many options in uploading pictures on this image to text converter for total user convenience. The image extracted cannot be downloaded from the cloud storage. This picture text conversion extract text directly from Google Drive and Dropbox into text.

Download Text File

Once captured you can download the document into text files. These files can be used to change the text depending on your requirements. A second option is to save it in the clipboard for later use as a document or in a new document.

Convert the image to a word file

Once you convert the image to text, you could save it directly in your Word document using Save As Document. This means you can convert images into text for Microsoft Word. This may then be useful for further usage.

Extract content from social media

Some people have pictures of their favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They are able to convert them into texts which you can use where you want. The text is generated from social media images and then scanned using OCR software.

Use Picture to Text converter – Why it is important?

It is easy to get text extracted using an extractor program.


This online OCR software can easily analyze photos or identify text they have spelled. It may then be translated and used in a word processor or publisher software or for other text-based tasks. OCR scanned documents in text is a complex but effective method for converting an image into a machine-coded language. The free ocr converter software is commonly used to scan documents. The ocr tool provides editable text.

Extract Data Automatically from Packing Lists

Provide the product information to customers using image capturing software.

Preprocessing of Images in OCR

This online OCR converter begins by preparing images and preparing them for processing. It also provides additional features to images to assist the next steps in identifying character names.

Processing of Invoices

The image to OCR utility captures data from invoices and intelligently converts that information to an editable document via AI technologies.

Accessible from any device

This convertor is suitable for jpeg to text and performs the text conversion flawlessly. This program will allow you to use your browser to access it.

How to Copy Text from Image?

It's possible for a photographer using ocr images and ocr text converters. text tool allows the conversion of images into text or text file instantly, and it allows for copying of text extracted from it.

How do I convert scanned handwriting to text?

You can convert scanned text using our image converting tool. You may copy your notes into hard copies and save them as documents.

Save Storage

Text files are much more manageable than photos or scanning. It can help save storage on your device because images require more space than text.


The free text converter you use will convert image to text, allowing the user to do a digital search or other task quickly and without requiring any additional information. The use of photo text extraction software will help you locate your information quicker. Use text converter online today! There is another free tool for image compression & image search that could be useful to you.